6 Yoga Tips Every Beginner Yogi Should Know

Everyone seems to be a yogi these days, from your BFF to your co-worker to your aunt—heck, even dogs and goats are getting their zen on. But if you have yet to attempt Warrior II or Mountain Pose, taking your first yoga class can be a little intimidating. What if your hands sweat and you fall off the mat? What if you hate it?

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Okay, rewind a second—there’s a reason so many people have hopped on a mat over the past few years. “Yoga is a non-judgmental practice,” says Claire Ewing, certified yoga instructor and studio marketing manager for CorePower Yoga. It’s is a totally accessible way to unwind and break a sweat, so there’s nothing to worry about before checking out a class.

But to help you feel a little more comfortable before you say your first “om” or “namaste,” Ewing has some yoga tips to answer all those questions floating around your head.

What type of yoga is best for beginners?

When in doubt, Ewing says opt for a vinyasa flow class, “where you have the opportunity to explore the postures and fundamental principles of yoga.” These are the types of classes most of your friends probably do, and it’s a great form of yoga for beginners. But of course, it never hurts to check out a couple different types of classes to see what feels best to you.

Is it best to do yoga on an empty stomach?

Don’t stress! No one expects you to master every pose your first go-round (or really, ever—it’s a constant learning process). Your yoga instructor should offer options for pose modifications, especially for the more challenging ones. “Your breath is key in yoga, if you are losing sight of this, you may want to consider modifying or completely backing off,” says Ewing. And don’t be afraid to ask your instructor for assistance.

Okay, but what if I can’t do some of the poses?

Like with any workout, it’s totally a personal preference how much you fuel pre_yoga. But Ewing points out that yoga is a a pretty intense workout, and fueling your body properly will help you get the most out of your practice.

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